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Nicaragua after the per capita income is the third poorest country in the
American continent. Up to 70% of the population is affected by acute poverty and unemployment. Many people live on less than 1.5 euros a day. In addition to hunger, malnutrition, housing, health and education also electricity belongs to the country's problems.

Entire communities in Nicaragua are still without power. In areas with power supply it might be unstable. Power outages are on the agenda. A reliable power supply is only guaranteed by a caching with batteries. Due to the privatization in the 90s Nicaragua has - subsidized by up to 150 kW electricity for households per month - the highest electricity prices in Central America.

Poverty and misery do not stop at the children. A poor access to education, work in the streets and the lack of creativity and childhood shape the lives of a great many. Large deficiencies also prevail in the schools. Teachers teach at high temperatures, children learn in the semidarkness. For necessary rehabilitation works lack the financial means. Education often is the only opportunity for children to escape the poverty spiral.

After a few visits to the Colegio Ottakring we have realized how sustainable assistance can be provided to help themselves with the use of renewable energy on site. In many places in Nicaragua this is possible. The Colegio Ottakring in Barrio Villa Austria is an important example of the implementation of efficient energy measures.

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