The Team





Martin Cech
Martin Cech, who was born in Vienna in 1970, is Portfolio Manager for "responsible
investments". In addition to sports and travel development cooperation belongs to his
passions. For more than 20 years, Martin is developmentally active mainly for the District Partnership Ottakring - Barrio Villa Austria / Nicaragua.

„During my visits in Nicaragua, I could make an image of the situation in the country. I quickly recognised that targeted support can move lot. Our project is in many ways of great benefit: the better education access energy efficient action up to role models within Nicaragua and other countries.“



Marco Brunner
Marco Brunner, born in 1969 in Germany, is a graphic designer in Vienna and Berlin In addition to sports and work includes the development of lighting concepts for Marcos hobbies. Since 1998, the sensualist operates on behalf of Barrio Villa Austria Project in Managua.

„I want to actively contribute to people´s welfare. Our project supports children on the road to greater independence and self-determination. Education is often the only way to a better future. Therefore, we want to enable students to be taught in a pleasant environment!“





Lic. Berna Lila Sanchez Lopez
Berna Lila Sanchez Lopez was born in 1965 and lives in Managua. She studied at the Universidad Politécnica de Nicaragua and has been director of the Colegio Ottkring in Managua for over 20 years.   

As director of the Colegio Ottakring I am very pleased with the long-standing support from our Austrian partners, without which our school would not be where it is today.



Engels Rolando Reyes Sanchez
Born in 1990, Angel Rolando Reyes Sanchez graduated from the Colegio Ottakring in 2006. He is chairman of the Asociacion de Nicaragüense de Hemofilia. The architect lives in Managua.

After school, I studied architecture. I am glad that I have made an effort to get a good education. Now I want to help ensure that the children have better learning conditions in schools.


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